Acrylic Paintings

Barbara Green is a Dorset Artist whose art uses a variety of paint mediums. Her bold colourful style uses the intense colours of the seasons, inspired by her beloved Dorset countryside and her love of nature.

Acrylic is a type of paint which dries more quickly than oil. It can be diluted with water but is water resistant when dry. The quick drying nature of acrylic makes it ideal for over-painting. Barbara also paints in other mediums such as Acrylics, does Etchings, Giclee Prints and Collagraphs.

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Oil Paintings Gallery

Oil paint is made from pigment bonded with oil, such as linseed oil, walnut oil or poppy seed oil. Oil paint can be used thick or can be thinned with turpentine making it a very versatile paint medium. The ground for oil painting is usually linen or cotton canvas which has been sized and coated with primer.

Collagraphs Gallery

This is a printmaking process where materials are applied to a rigid thick card. Textured paper, string, tissue paper and grit can also be used. The process is repeated for each new print, maybe with different colours. Each print is a unique original piece of work.

Etching Gallery

Dry point etching is a technique that consists of scratching into the surface of a metal or perspex plate with a sharp point. Ink is then daubed onto the plate and then excess ink is carefully wiped away this process makes each print slightly variable and unique.